time and truth

With every click or swipe comes the next wave of information. Having the truth is often less important than having an answer. What Do We Believe hopes to help the average Christian know the depths of vital Christian doctrines in a manner that doesn’t take years to understand, but can be grasped in a few minutes per day.

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Does truth matter?

We live in a time where many want to avoid theology, thinking that it is not necessary for the Christian life. This cannot be further from the truth. Theology, the study of God, is necessary for every Christian to understand not only God but how He wants us to live. Theology is not something for the Ivory Towers. The deeper our theology; the deeper our love for God will be and our desire to live for Him.

This book is a great systematic theology starter for new believers yet still has so much theology that it will quickly become a quick reference resource for many mature Christians. This book is organized so that any reader can quickly get to answers they might need when looking for answers to theological questions.